Prizes to win in VAŠE LIGA!

  1. Cups and an adrenaline experience event for the TOP 3 male and female players of each year.
  2. Dozens of great prizes selected by a draw
  3. You can do it without scratches!

    Each month we award on of the players for playing all matches without recording a scratch.

Main Prizes Draw

Everyone can win a great prize in VAŠE LIGA, not just the best players. All players who played all three seasons (Fall, Spring, Summer) within one league year are put into the lot from which the names of winners are drawn. This lottery takes place each October after the end of the league year. The lottery is based on the number of "tickets".

How do I collect tickets?

List of main prizes

  1. Complete list of prizes is available in Czech only.

Is there anything you would like to win? Want to donate a prize in the lottery?

Write us a message! You can use this contact form or the e-mail address vaseliga@vase­liga.cz and we’ll get back to you. Thanks!