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Proč hrát VAŠI LIGU

  • players
    4 matches a month48 opponents a year pokročilý.
  • Systém domlouvání
    Get to knownew sport friends
  • Pravidelný sport
    Regular sportimproving your fitness
  • Stratovné
    From 550 CZK per seasonwhich is 35 CZK per week

How VAŠE LIGA works

Choose the sport in the city you want to play.
We will place you right at your level.
At the beginning of the month, we will deliver you 4 new opponents.
You will schedule the matches with your opponents - you choose time and place. You pay the court rent but get better price.
You enter the results on our user-friendly web site.
The next month you will move up among better opponents or vice versa.

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