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Want to start?

TAwesome! The next few points will show you what makes VAŠE LIGA special. And enough from us, we’ll let some of our players tell you what it’s all about.

How VAŠE LIGA works

Choose the sport in the city you want to play.
We will place you right at your level.
At the beginning of the month, we will deliver you 4 new opponents.
You will schedule the matches with your opponents - you choose time and place.
You enter the results on our user-friendly web site.
The next month you will move up among better opponents or vice versa.
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I find the whole league system great. I like that I get to know a lot of different playstyle s and I know that there are always 4 matches waiting for me each month. The best thing is – I don’t have to spend any effort finding my opponents – the league does it all for me. When I go play with my mate outside the league matches, I don’t really find it as entertaining anymore, as I miss the competitive nature of the league.

Ivana Squash, Pilsen

After the first round of the tennis league I am happy. The management and organization of the league are top notch. I played quality tennis matches and am looking forward to playing new matches and meeting new sports friends. At this time I have no tips for changes as the system works perfectly and has met all my expectations so far.

Jarda Tennis, Brno
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I like that so far I have only met people who just want to play and sweat a bit and not compete for the ‘’golden trunks”. So far it’s cool and a great free time activity.

Tomas Badminton, Brno

I started with VAŠE LIGA last year. And what comes to my mind when I hear VAŠE LIGA? New people, awesome experience, joy from movement, the possibility to play with better players, discovering new playstyles, an ideal combination of sports and fun.

Aneta Squash, Brno
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Who takes care of you in the league?

We take care for our players since 2007, when Tomáš started the league as a student project. Since then we live and breathe the league. We fine tune, organize and schedule – all just for you.

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