It can be done without scratches

Do you arrange the match dates carefully and are you playing them all? Great, thank you. We appreciate your attitude a lot. We want to reward you for this and make you happy. And we want to motivate others to avoid scratches as much as possible. Nobody likes scratches and VAŠE LIGA is exceptional in minimising their number.



Every month, we draw two of the the league players who have played ALL their matches!

  • These are the players who have no scratches at the end of the month,
  • If you play more leagues, you have a higher chance of being drawn.
  • If your opponent scratched the match, it doesn't disqualify you from the reward.

Two lucky players receive a reward every month

  • The partner of the no-scratch players' rewards is ALBI - a Czech producer and seller of greeting cards, presents and party games.
  • Every month, one of you can win a party game from Albi !
  • We know that you like to play, not only on the court! That's why we will reward you with games like Czech film, Samurai sword, Lady Alice detective game, Do you know me? or a spiky partner game Innocent games :-)
  • SHAKE-IT - a nutritionally balanced meal in the form of a beverage, is a partner of no-scratch players.
  • Every month, one of you can look forward to winning a SHAKE-IT Starter Set worth CZK 549.
  • Here, you can see photos of no-scratch players and their rewards, become one of them.

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